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Bracelets made of semiprecious stones

Gemstone is a mineral that meets more than one gemstone characteristics. There are quite a few of them and their price mainly depends on their color and style.
We offer semiprecious stones imported from around the world - Africa, Asia, America and Brazil.
The big benefit of gemstones is that each gemstone has its own effects and charm.
Lealook sources semiprecious stones from trusted vendors, so we know 100% where they came from.
Here you can read about some interesting characteristics of the various gemstones.


Amethyst is one of the most powerful stones that can positively affect many physical and mental functions of humans. Amethyst is the birthstone purple, various shades that vary from the darkest to the lightest.

The word amethyst has its origins in the Greek word amethusos, which means "jagless".

The effects of mind

Amethyst is considered as "stone spirit and mind." It has many effects on humans at the emotional, mental and spiritual. The man who wears this gemstone, is it easier to get closer to your emotions. Similarly, it strengthens the willpower and helps to set realistic goals.

He plays an important role in spiritual purification and in meditation. It helps to detach the mind from the worries of the everyday world, which allows it to penetrate into the deeper realms of meditation. Now amethyst he is considered a stone that can bring the highest form of meditation and peace.

Amethyst is the stone that increases motivation, concentration, attention and concentration, thereby improving the ability to learn and remember new information. It helps to transform negative energy into positive energy. Therefore brings inner peace and evens out mood swings.

Similarly, eliminates anxiety, fear and stress. The amethyst is a man easily copes with depression, anxiety and anger. Amethyst is a mineral with which one is freed from prejudices and may subsequently come to progressive ideas.

Dreams of people who are sleeping with an amethyst under the pillow are generally livelier and lucídnejšie. Such people can remember their dreams better and is able to understand better.

The strength of the stone is also reflected in the struggle with addictions, especially when alcohol dependence. Therefore, people today who are struggling with addictions often use his help.

Effects on the Body

From a physical point of view harmonizes hormonal function and metabolism. Detoxifies the body, cleanses the blood and strengthens the immune system. Calming the nervous system, helps with hearing loss. Facilitates falling asleep, which combats insomnia.

Is also important in connection with the heart and blood circulation, it helps to reduce blood pressure. Within the gastrointestinal tract acting curative particular teeth and stomach. Breathing difficulties and, in particular lung disease are also easing under the influence of amethyst.

Finally, we must not forget that it is effective for injuries, swellings, which helps heal.


Sodalite was named according to their chemical composition soda and the Greek word lithos - stone. Sodalite is a deep blue stone, which is sometimes referred to as lapis lazuli poor. In fact, it is one of the components of Lapis. Even sodalite, lapis like, usually comprises admixture of calcium, which gives it a veined appearance.
It is a stone that liked previously worn by painters, sculptors, singers or other artists, because they believed that develops creativity and helps them create. Sodalite is a precious stone, worldwide there are only three of its sites.
Of sodalite they are produced not only jewelry, but also various items used in medicine, such as a pyramid or a sphere.
The effects of mind
Sodalite is considered a stone that can change your mind of man to himself. It helps to look inside and into the depths of your own soul. Harmonizes with the subconscious knowledge and restores inner peace. It has the ability to bring peace of soul that it currently needs. Teaches people to be less self-critical reflection and makes life goals. It adds a healthy self-esteem and opens the way to self-acceptance. Sodalite fosters confidence not only in himself but also in the people around him. That is why it is considered suitable for rock groups. Its effects in terms of enhancing group spirit appreciated by all those who work in a team, possibly staying in larger groups in their free time, sport and relaxation. Sodalite just enhances interpersonal communication, increasingly creates prerequisites for a healthy and filled relationships. It also helps in improving written and verbal expression. It is believed that helps resolve conflicts that arose because of a breakdown of communication. Well can enhance emotional speech. It adds rationality ideas and helps to properly and objectively decide. Reveals in healthy human intuition and improves logical thinking. It supports the ability to learn and just increases intelligence, by linking the logic and spirit. Very good helper, even when the panic attacks, which soothes and helps to overcome such emotional strain.
Effects on the Body
Sodalite increases the activity of the immune system, preventing the development of infections. If already some occur, can reduce high body temperature. Very effectively removes ambient electromagnetic smog that originates in the use of electronic devices. Harmonizes metabolism, causing among other things, ensures proper levels of calcium in the blood. Similarly, regulates the autonomic nervous system, whose proper function is essential for the health of internal organs. Positive effects sodalite also affects the level of the hormone system, especially for thyroid disorders. Within the circulatory system can sodalite reduce blood pressure. It is also used in the treatment of diseases of the throat, especially disorders of the vocal cords and larynx. Overall, increases physical endurance and performance, thereby contributing to the overall health and well-being of the body.

Red Coral

Red Coral, whose name comes from the Greek, means daughter of the sea. He says he and marine forest.
Coral is an organic substance is neither stone nor plant, but it is the skeletal remains of tiny marine animals. One of the oldest "rocks" of which they are made jewelry as adornment since prehistoric times. The Egyptians gave to each coral tomb. They believed that each piece contains a drop of divine blood and protect the deceased from evil spirits. Its main component is calcium and calcite.
In the past, many attributed coral capabilities. Since it comes from the sea, it was believed that conceals the power of the oceans. They carried him to protect sailors, because they believed that it brings good weather storms and drives away.
The effects of mind
Because the coral organic origin, it is believed that a human can touch with nature at all levels being. It is also believed that it can reduce the emotion and bring inner peace.
It helps one to understand oneself and to reconcile with its own inner self. Increases intuition and imagination. It gives a man the strength to achieve the goals that you set in the past.
It helps him optimistic to see everything that was happening around him. Protects humans from feelings of depression and anxiety. Coral also promotes friendship, platonic love and interpersonal relationships within the company.
Coral Finally, a man protects and removes the effects of stress.
Effects on the Body
Coral strengthens the locomotor system of humans and especially bone. The muscles can remove impurities. Similarly, it increases the strength of blood vessels and the heart, thereby stabilizing the whole circulatory system. It nourishes and protects blood cells and also helps in cases of anemia.
It is also effective in the regeneration of tissues and, therefore, reduces wound healing. Its positive effects will also benefit everyone with disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. It helps with diseases of the mouth, esophagus, stomach and intestines.
Also relieves symptoms of kidney and bladder. If a man troubled by problems with the spinal cord, can also harness the power of coral. As part of the nervous system also helps with brain disorders.

Tiger's eye

Tiger eye is a stone of new beginnings. Tiger eye must grab the attention of every man in particular by its special and inimitable glow. It is a stone-brown, golden honey color to that in reflection of light shines interesting. It is for this ever changing gloss is regarded as tiger eye stone changes that constantly reminds man that every life must be present changes and how difficult they are, always have meaning.
It gives a man the power to make decisions that are necessary for life. It helps him to move from a place and move towards the future. The decision that a person with this stone does not influenced by unnecessary emotions and are usually based on rational thinking.
Stone also adds new life beginnings patience to overcome. Shows a man that everything that was happening around him, for a reason.
Tiger Eye stone is equally suitable for people who suffer sudden mood changes. It helps mitigate these changes. It also suppresses excessive stubbornness. With creativity and promotes creative spirit.
The effects of mind
Brings its wearer comfort and evoke a sense of peace within the soul. It will also help to find his own integrity and teach a person how to use their physical and mental strength. Stone is regarded as a kind of protection that protects against external and internal threats. It helps to reduce dependency and sorrow over other people and can return man back on solid ground when he lost touch with reality. A man who Tiger Eye own, can fully realize their own value and begins to weigh himself.
Gemstone makes man open to others, teach him to accept their opinions and attitudes and helps keep cool and calm. It also supplies courage and dispels depression. Stone has the ability to attract a man of wealth without becoming greedy. Its strength also appreciate all travelers since it gives them protection.
Effects on the Body
It helps reduce stress and helps build a sense of inner peace. Improves concentration and focus. Has a favorable effect on the problems relating to bones and joints. Purify the body, supports the liver and kidneys, strengthens the eye muscles and vision and, ultimately, destroys bacteria and various viruses. Relieves migraine states and regulates metabolism. The larynx also has a beneficial effect - removes moderates and asthmatic problems. Active cramps and reproductive organs.


Turquoise is a dull blue-green mineral. It is a mineral formed in the near-surface portions of rocks rich in water and with an increased content of copper and phosphorous in the sediment, especially in sandstones. It is surprisingly light, though perhaps not even a stone. Its surface has a distinctive veining - looks like a brain.
He was known by many names, but the name caught on to the turquoise, which comes from the French Turquesa, which was the designation for the Turks, because this stone initially brought back from Turkey to Europe from the Persian historical sites.
This is a very rare and valuable mineral that was used as a gem and ornamental stone for thousands of years. His popularity owes its unusual color.
The effects of mind
Turquoise is considered the most effective medicinal crystal at all. Balances the two components of man - his soul and body. Strengthens intuition and steeling physical health. They are able to balance and strengthen the body's meridians and the physical level, improve the immune system, the body is better prevents viral and bacterial infections.
Effects on the Body
Reduces the acidity of organism, which due to stress and diet suffer some degree each - visibly reflected improvements in patients gout, rheumatism, migraine or people with digestive disorders. Detoxifies the body and alleviates inflammatory processes in the body. Even applied to the sore spot, can reduce pain.
It is directly created for eye health, soothes tired eyes and allegedly acting against cataracts.


Malachite is a beautiful stone and deep greens. Ancient Egyptians believed that the gods decided to send people to the earth and the stars did so in the form of green malachite. Malachite name comes from the Greek "Malachite", which means leafy green.

The effects of mind

Malachite is a stone of new beginnings. It helps create the conditions for new beginnings and gives courage to every change you wanted person in your life to do. With malachite people are just willing to take some risk and do him so much fear.

It is also considered gemstone that helps people take responsibility for their own actions and feelings. Moves information from the subconscious to the conscious, so he can understand the old traumas and negative experiences, which in turn leads to their conscious resolve. More also discourages a person from self-destructive romantic relationships and helps to realize immaterial obligations between people. On the other hand, it helps to feel the situation of others and brings empathy. It also helps to open our hearts for true and limitless love.

Malachite awakens in man the inner child that lies dormant in all of us. He also believes he can stimulate dreams. It has a positive effect on receiving information. It also increases concentration and creativity. Effectively works with dyslexia. Finally, we must not forget that it is an excellent absorber of negative energy. As well as natural and absorbs electromagnetic pollution of the environment. It also protects against radiation.

Effects on the Body

It promotes growth and gives a man the overall strength. It is suitable for women who suffer from menstrual problems such as premenstrual syndrome, painful menstruation or menopause problems. Will help women before birth, because it is assumed that can stimulate induce labor. In the context of the locomotive apparatus is designed to fracture healing as well relieves muscle spasms. Lowers blood pressure and helps the heart pain.

Generally, strengthens the immune and nervous systems. It helps during neurological diagnosis, especially when vertigo, diseases of the optic nerve, and epilepsy. Compensates for mood swings.

Its use has also in people who suffer from travel fever. It is also effective in the prevention and treatment of asthma, arthritis and other joint swelling. It has a positive effect on people suffering from diseases of the pancreas, spleen and parathyroid glands.


Agate (from the Greek agate) is a mineral whose name comes from the historical name of the river Achates (now Dirillo) in Sicily.

Agate is a gemstone, which some healers have any protection. Agate, a variety of chalcedony (quartz), there are several kinds. Agate is one of the oldest gems in recorded history.

It is said that agates attract power and serves as protection against bad dreams. Also supposedly protects against stress and loss of energy. Jewelery agates are used since biblical times Babylon. In ancient times were highly prized gems, for example, used to repel storm. Striped colored agates were, after placing his forehead, that person provide a rich and colorful dreams.

The effects of mind

Supports seriousness, firmness and serenity. It helps to dissolve negative emotions and protects the inner nature of man. Awakens attitude of respect for your own body and act building on the reproductive organs. It adds confidence and eases childbirth.

Effects on the Body

Helps in great mental stress, he adds certainty and confidence, relieves inferiority complexes and unappreciated, stress. It is used for treating mental illness, supports the function of the kidneys and urinary tract, cleanses the body of toxins and helps reduce swelling.


Howlit stone is white, decorated with veins of gray and black shades. The stone contains a lot of calcium, which gives it the typical white color.

Howlit was named after the mineralogy, which he discovered in 1868 in Nova Scotia. His name was Henry How.

Howlit white stains very easily and precisely because it is often used to imitate other gemstones, especially turquoise or lapis. Howlit is the cornerstone of all zodiac signs.

The effects of mind

Howlit brings peace to the everyday concerns of man. Reduces stress, relieves internal pain and suppresses feelings of anger. It also helps people fight their own restlessness and selfishness.

It opens the way to communicate with their own negative thoughts and emotions, so it enables us to understand. Thus leads people to self-knowledge and sebapochopenní. It shows a man how to understand everything that was happening around him, and then to comment especially emotionally.

It also supplies power to mature emotionally. Eliminates excessive kriticizmus, audacity and offensive behavior and allows one to express tactful behavior. Generally speaking, the howlit helps build human character.

It also fosters creativity and stimulates memory. Increases the appetite of man to new information and teaches patience. It awakens feelings ambitions and helping them fulfill. These properties are used especially by people who are constantly procrastinating and need to finish it.

Effects on the Body

Howlit regulates the levels of calcium in the organism. Calcium is an important component of teeth and bones. Therefore howlit particularly cares about the health of these organs. Calcium, however, one needs also to proper muscle function, so it has a positive effect on the entire musculoskeletal system.

It also reduces muscle tension and relaxes the entire body. It helps sleep, especially for people who are thinking too much, and it prevents them from sleeping. It stimulates dreams and helps one to remember.

Howlit is also very effective in combating stress. Eliminates the pain caused by stress and as effectively helps in stress-induced disorders, which include in particular stomach ulcers, heart palpitations, and skin problems.

Effects howlit also appreciate everyone who suffers from impulsive overeating that causes weight gain.


Onyx is opaque, translucent black mineral. Because of its multidimensionality onyx onyx received a Greek name, which means fingernail.
The effects of mind
Onyx is a protective stone, defends and protects against negativity consciously directed against you, in conflicts of all kinds, protects life, adds strength, helps in difficult and obscure periods in extraordinary physical and emotional strain, it connects with the unity of the universe, focusing our energy in one direction brings vigor and stamina, allowing to become masters of their own destiny, provides lessons from the past, increases self-confidence and self-heals old traumas affecting contemporary life, reduces fear and worry. Keeps the body energy balance of yin and yang.
Effects on the Body
Treats problems with knees, angina, gastric ulcers, spleen, balance disorders, boosts immunity, improves eyesight and hearing.


Lava stone is basically molten rock from the bowels of the earth. Magma different weight and composition depending on the region where the volcano is located. Already in ancient times it was called by some tribes as well as the blood of the earth. A piece of lava placed on the altar or worn together is considered a powerful protective amulet.
Lava is a strong protective stone. It is dedicated to healing and recovery. It helps reflect the physical and psychological attacks and returns them back to the originator.
The effects of mind
Helps develop imagination, adds confidence. Protects against bad influences, activates logical thinking.
Effects on the Body
It helps with bacterial inflammation, strengthens the digestive tract, eliminates the physical and mental trauma.


Jasper is opaque variety of chalcedony (quartz), dense, opaque microcrystalline. Comes from the Greek word jaspisínés - speckled stone. Jasper is one of the most common kinds of gemstones in the world, it has many varieties, it occurs in almost all colors, from which it derives its other name. It combines a variety of colors and patterns. According to ancient sources is often referred to as the "Mother of all the pieces." Deposits are worldwide.
The effects of mind
It promotes tolerance and patience, eliminates indecisiveness, promotes selflessness, humility, compassion and goodwill strengthens, brightens the mind, suppresses depression, protects against malice and hatred.
Effects on the Body
Promotes appetite, it is a great help in the treatment of eating disorders such as anorexia, bulimia or anorexia nervosa. Stops bleeding, helps in the treatment of female diseases, especially the fallopian tubes and ovaries, helps overcome nausea during pregnancy and childbirth. Treat kidney and bladder, difficulty aorta and around the blood circulation, heart disease, brain diseases auditory system, menstrual irregularities and infertility. It is assisted in the treatment of leukemia and malignant tumors, and acts as prevention. Activates the liver, gall bladder, spleen and pancreas, is able to remove radioactivity from the body.

Lapis lazuli

Lapis lazuli is a rock composed of a mixture of minerals (lazurite, calcite and pyrite). It is blue, opaque, is part of marble. Its importance derives from the Arabic name Lapis lazuli - blue stone.
The effects of mind
 helps with depression, insomnia and stress, anti-nostalgia, promotes sensitivity and perception, a sense of security and safety, harmony in interpersonal relations.
Effects on the Body
Reduces temperatures, high blood pressure, alleviates pain during menstruation and treat her disorder and irregularities, headaches.
It is used to treat insomnia, skin diseases, hemorrhages, allergy, inflammatory diseases, gall bladder, eye diseases.
Neutralize toxins in the body, strengthens the tissue and greatly facilitates the treatment of tissue cancers. Helps with disorders of glands with internal excretion, strengthens the lymphatic system.

All these gemstones are accompanied by a model of the skull, which has several meanings:
- A symbol of death and danger, but it can be understood as a symbol of victory over death
- Can express a preference or personal honor of the revered ideals of the value of his own life
- It can be taken only as a reminder of mortality, but also immortality and eternity
- For someone portrays the fear of the end of life, the other is a reminder that life was not in vain or wasted
- Figuratively it can be taken as a symbol of justice and truth, also the courage and principles

Each model of the skull can be found stamped the initials of the brand Lealook.
All models and accessories are manufactured for us tailor, which signifies our originality.

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